Fake it till you make it!

What is happening my friends!

Adam here!

So I have been pondering life a lot these past few days with what I want to do and achieve in life and I find this motivational quote keep coming into the back of my mind ‘Fake it till you make it!’. I have personally used this motivation myself to get through hard times.

This motivation is essentially saying that you should fake, either how you feel, what you are doing, who you want to be or where you want to be until you make what you are faking become a reality. Now many people may think this is a dumb way of trying to get somewhere, but by faking how we feel or who you want to be, it tricks our mind and body into becoming that exact thing without us realising. An example of this was after a break up I had. It made me miserable and I struggle to feel happy and cheerful for sometime. By using this motivation and faking being happy, I noticed myself quite quickly not actually having to fake it anymore and I made myself feel a lot better without realising. It’s hard to understand how a small piece of motivational words can have such a big and positive affect on your life, but honestly if you aren’t where you want to be or how you want to feel, act the way you are striving to become and see how quickly things can turn around for the better.

I would love to hear anyone else’s story’s of how they used this piece of motivation to help themselves get through difficult parts in their life or get them to where they wanted to be.



My outfit – 28/5/2017


What is happening friends!

Just a quick post for this weekend as I have been super busy with volleyball, family ect ect. Here is a different outfit compared to what I would usually wear on a day out, but I wanted to give you guys some inspiration to try layering your outfits, getting out of your comfort zone when dressing and try something different. Also the best thing you can wear is confidence, so rock it!


  • Cotton on khaki bomber jacket (loving this at the moment)
  • Tommy Hilfiger striped jumper
  • Polo Ralph Lauren white t-shirt (White shirts are a staple)
  • Zara man jeans
  • Polo Ralph Lauren cap
  • Daniel Wellington watch

– A

Every man needs a good suit! 

What is happening my friends!

Adam here.

Now a massive part of my life that I want to start incorporating into this blog is my fashion or just men’s fashion in general. It plays a huge part in my life, in a sense that what I wear can dictate my confidence, my persona and they way I feel. I want to pass on some of my tips, styling tricks and habits that I do to be ready to walk out into the world a styled man.

This first post is about suits. The first suit I was given was one my mum and dad had bought me for my school formal. It was light grey, blue suit from the local shopping mall and was many sizes too large for me. However, even so, I was over the moon. It was a massive moment and almost like a right of passage that I had passed through getting that suit. I thought I was James Bond and felt like I looked every part as good. It change my thoughts on men’s fashion and how items of clothing can make you feel great about yourself. The next suit i bought was the first one I purchased myself and was for my then girlfriends formal that year. It was an all black suit and was still a little big on me due to salespeople having no idea, but again it gave me the feeling of looking like a million bucks and I loved every moment of it. I wore it too a costume party dressed as James Bond (who would have guessed) and received tonnes of compliments, sky rocketing my confidence and the way I saw suit having an affect on people and myself.

Now track forward 5 years into the future to last year, where I had a wedding coming up and I wanted to purchase a well made suit. A suit that fitted perfectly and was made of the finest materials. I searched high and low till I came across a suit, so perfect, so elegant I had to have it. However the price tag said different. I wheeled and dealed with the shop owner and after many many hours trying on suits I somehow left that shop with three suits (one black, one grey and my pride and joy, a navy blue one) and a very empty pocket. I didn’t like the fact I had spent so much money on these suits though, as I wasn’t going to wear them every day unfortunately.

In the end, when I put that navy suit on that day of the wedding, it all made sense. It felt amazing on me and I looked even better. Every doubt I had about buying three suits was justified in the moment by how good i looked and felt.

From then on I have tried my best to continue to grow my fashion arsenal, especially in my suits.  Every man deserves to have a good suit in their wardrobe. It is an essential and will really make a man feel like a man.

In the words of barney Stinson ‘Suits are full of joy. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile’. I never fully understood this quote properly until I had a proper suit which then made me agree with it 100%

So if I have to urge you men to have one decent item of menswear in your closest let it be a suit. You will thank me later.


Things i do in the morning to help me WAKE UP.

What is happening my friends!

Adam here.

Now we all know how hard it is in the morning to leave that warm, cosy bed, especially in the winter time when the outside world seems like you are in the arctic circle. I have struggled for a while with getting out of bed on time, but have been working hard on a few simple things that help me to wake up, get straight out of bed and start the day. So without further a do here they are.

1.  Motivation

A great way to help with the morning blues is to organise your day so that you have a lot to look forward to and are excited for the day to start. Even if this is a small thing, such as seeing a friend or getting your favourite treat, let your energy and motivation to do these little fun things, brighten the rest of your day. Excitement keeps that adrenaline pumping, which is more than enough to wake you up and get you ready for a action packed day. So plan exciting things or let exciting things happen, you will be a lot more motivated to start a day knowing so.

2. Coffee

Now i know this is a huge cliché, but getting caffeine in you is the oldest trick in the book. It gets you up and about and ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you. It can help with subsiding hunger as well for those people on the go that do not have much time for breakfast. People can go from walking zombies to running marathons off this nectar of the gods, so if you are someone who hasn’t added or tried this in your morning wake up ritual I certainly suggest giving it a go. I never use to like coffee, but now i struggle to function in the morning without it.

3. Exercise

Another awesome way to perk you up in the morning is to do some exercise. Whether this is going for a run, walk, bike ride or going to the gym, i guarantee getting that heart rate up and working up a sweat will have you wide awake in no time. You also feel very accomplished after doing so, knowing you were out working hard, whilst everyone else was asleep.

4. Showering

It is a no brainer that getting some water on your face, whether you do it in the shower or not, helps to get you alert and wake you up. Most people love a long hot shower, especially when its cold. The best way to wake up is to have a little time under the cold water or by splashing the cold water on your face. It is a horrible sensation to start with, but trust me when i say it will wake you up and have you bouncing around the shower. Try having 30 second intervals about five times, changing back from cold to hot and see how well it works for you.

5. Stretching

When you get out of bed in the morning, try doing a few little stretches to loosen the body up after being still and stiff all night. Do a couple sets of toe touches, side bends and back twists to loosen up the main muscles in your body and get that spring back in your step.

6. Organisation

Having your clothes laid out, bag packed, breakfast prepared and a clear lay out of your schedule can help by taking your mind off the mundane tasks in the morning and have you focusing on the important things like waking up and preparing yourself mentally for the day ahead. I find the main thing for me, as soon as i wake up and get out of bed in the morning, i like to make my bed. Now many people would disagree, but as a bit of a perfectionist, i like the fact that you have already accomplished something in the day by doing this and when you get home from a long hard day, your bed is ready and waiting. It also helps to switch your mind on in the morning and take it off the tired sensation in your head.
Again, thank you for reading and i hope some of these things help you to wake up and enjoy the day. Comment anything that helps you in the morning.

– A

WARNING! Kd 9’s an awful shoe?

What is happening my friends!

So another quick post.

Tonight I had volleyball training like I do every Tuesday night and I was using my Kd 9 elites. I have had these shoes for a month and they are outstanding in every way. The traction, cushioning, material and look are all top class and what you would expect from a 220 dollar shoe. But tonight my opinion has been lowered when I heard a pop in the shoe only to look down and see the part that connects the two parts of traction on the sole of the shoe has teared and left the two parts disconnected (circled in the picture). I am extremely disappointed and am going to try to get a refund from Nike, as this is unexceptable from a basically brand new shoe.

Any basketballers or volleyballers had the same fault with the Kd9? Just a word of warning for any of those people who are looking or thinking about buying this shoe.

Thanks and hope this has helped.