My outfit – 28/5/2017


What is happening friends!

Just a quick post for this weekend as I have been super busy with volleyball, family ect ect. Here is a different outfit compared to what I would usually wear on a day out, but I wanted to give you guys some inspiration to try layering your outfits, getting out of your comfort zone when dressing and try something different. Also the best thing you can wear is confidence, so rock it!


  • Cotton on khaki bomber jacket (loving this at the moment)
  • Tommy Hilfiger striped jumper
  • Polo Ralph Lauren white t-shirt (White shirts are a staple)
  • Zara man jeans
  • Polo Ralph Lauren cap
  • Daniel Wellington watch

– A


WARNING! Kd 9’s an awful shoe?

What is happening my friends!

So another quick post.

Tonight I had volleyball training like I do every Tuesday night and I was using my Kd 9 elites. I have had these shoes for a month and they are outstanding in every way. The traction, cushioning, material and look are all top class and what you would expect from a 220 dollar shoe. But tonight my opinion has been lowered when I heard a pop in the shoe only to look down and see the part that connects the two parts of traction on the sole of the shoe has teared and left the two parts disconnected (circled in the picture). I am extremely disappointed and am going to try to get a refund from Nike, as this is unexceptable from a basically brand new shoe.

Any basketballers or volleyballers had the same fault with the Kd9? Just a word of warning for any of those people who are looking or thinking about buying this shoe.

Thanks and hope this has helped.